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GINRI's new website is launched

GINRI's new website is launched

Jan 3,2020

2020.1.3  GINRI's new website is launched.The website includes some old models.The website includes ,voltage monitoring relay,relay module ,interface breakout module and motor relay protectors.We are specialized in manufactcuring,designing and marketing of protection,control and motoring relays for 20years.

The products are widely used in industrial automation application,motor ,pump,blower,steel,mining,concrete,electroplate,crane,excavator,compressor,package,fppr and beverage,plastics,textile,car wash,materials handling,elevator and semicondcuctor industries.

Also our webist shows some new models:motor protector MDB-501.Voltage monitoring relay:JVR800-2,it is the update of JVR800-1.The model JVRD-P01.

Welcome to contact with us in details.